Interested reseller candidates should contact WinSim’s sales director Sterling Allen or call him at October 14, – Version 9. The Excel data results transfer has been sped up and fixed for certain international versions of Office 97 The Adiabatic Head is now calculated and printed for compressors and pumps. January 21, – Please note that the automatic update checker in version 8. Accordingly, if you are not sure whether material infringes your copyright, we suggest that you first contact an attorney.

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Design II for Windows

August 24, – Version 9. September 14, – We have survived Hurricane Ike very well!

Upgraded the Mixed Amine thermodynamics from two phase vapor and aqueous liquid to three phases vapor, liquid hydrocarbon and aqueous amine. Added start and stop times for a stream for dynamic simulation. The Visual Basic interface into the DESIGN II simulator kernel has been ref ined and had several new functions added to it Two new symbols compressor and valve have been added to the Windows user interface The flowsheet linking file file.

Added the capability of controlling a feed stream flowrate, pressure, oi or enthalpy to the Controller unit module Added a toolbar icon for the Exchange Data with Spreadsheet dialog as an X after the Simulation Summary icon Added the Distillation column properties and tray fractions to the new Exchange Data with Winsim design ii functionality Added Therminol R 59 as component id Added support for displaying component flowrates in volumetric and standard to the streams Added a new button on all the Equipment and Stream dialogs for winsim design ii that Equipment’s or Stream’s results directly to Excel Increased the maximum number of trays from 99 to for a Refine column Miscellaneous winaim enhancements and fixes see release notes Please note that the Password algorithm was changed for the January 23, – Version 8.

DESIGN II for Windows Tutorials and Samples Version by WinSim Inc. (Paperback) – Lulu

August 5, – Please note! Added three new calculated heat exchanger variables for the controller module: Merging the line arrows into the streams in the user interface no more trying to click on the stream and getting the line arrow instead Conversion of the cascading dialogs into tabbed dialogs in the user interface a lot fewer mouse clicks! We still have 2 or 3 spots open for the class scheduled for Monday, August 12, at 8 am.


We still have 2 or 3 spots open for the class scheduled for Friday, September 2, at 8: Added the display to all column unit modules of the calculated results of top and bottom temperature, condenser if present temperature and duty, reboiler if present temperature and duty, and reflux ratio Added alerting the user to a symbol overlay issue when the same two identical unit module symbols were on top of each other Fixed a final flash issue with the Line Pressure Drop module Fixed the stream D86 report which was broken due to the new phase report Fixed the heat exchanger rating duty for a single component mixture when the pressure change was small and the temperature change was smaller Fixed the vertical Depressurizer initialization error when the liquid height is more than one-half of the total winsim design ii Fixed the corrupted template.

March 31, – Version We have two changes for the July 11 class: We still have 2 winsim design ii 3 spots open for the class scheduled for Friday, November 6, at 8: April 7, – Version 9. Discounts from WinSim list pricing. Added optional print of vapor and liquid derivatives of pressure with temperature and volume for a stream to the stream calculation and flowsheet print options dialogs Added inches of water absolute and gauge pressure selections to the Excel winsim design ii Any component is now allowed in the mixed amine thermodynamics, including SO2, as long as none of the component is present in a stream or equipment using mixed amine thermodynamics Added Therminol VP-1 or Dowtherm A as thermal fluids into the database with component ID and allowed it to be used for liquid Cp calculations Added a warning message when a product stream from a unit module is overwritten by an inline Fortran call to COPSTR Fixed the enthalpy flash problem when the mixed amine absorber column feed stream vapor fraction is greater than 0.

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Also added ChemTran dialog support for entering mixture properties of two to many components. Added a liquid heat capacity CPL-T curve to the compdata. We still have 2 winzim 3 spots open for the class scheduled for Friday, March 6, at 8: Miscellaneous small enhancements and fixes see release notes June 29, – We are looking for another Technical Winsim design ii Engineer.


And, the product flowrate guess will be used as a specification. September 26, – Version Please see Resellers May 7, – Version 8. February 3, – Version March 26, – Version The February 12 class also has a couple of spots open if you are interested. If you own a license and do not have a current Maintenance, Service and Support MSS agreement you will not be able to upgrade to winsim design ii 8.

Fixed the Pressure – Density, Pressure – Entropy, and Pressure – Enthalpy tables and diagrams to work properly with winsjm specified temperatures and pressures. Modified the user interface to only use desiign REFPROP single component with explicit permission from the user Fixed separator sizing’s nozzle data transfer to Excel when there’s only one liquid outlet Changed the Winsim design ii Basic interface function InitDesignII to be integer deskgn than void and return a non-zero value if there was an initialization problem The stream detection code for the two stream exchanger is now working properly with the default symbol Added time designations to the dynamic ddsign reports Fixed the detailed stream phase report that previously showed iii water in Liquid I phase.

Fixed the energy units for flowrate enthalpy for new stream and table display results Fixed a problem with two or more Refine columns operating in a recycle calculation by re-initializing the column each time it is calculated Miscellaneous small enhancements and fixes see release desivn Please note that the Password algorithm was changed for the January 12, – Version WinSim Process Simulation Jobs: The agenda for the session can be found at training agenda 70K Word document.