The reasons for such popularity are the portability and free compilers. The aim of this paper is to present the computer statistical program Sisvar, illustrating its advantages, limitations and analysis capabilities. The Sisvar was first released in , although its development was initiated in Because of these difficulties and the need that the major computer-intensive statistical methods are available to scientists from various fields of knowledge, the idea to include of such innovation in Sisvar was now real. It was expected that there would be an improvement of learning and teaching processes. This is where the program’s name came from, in that “Sis” refers to the abbreviation of system in Portuguese and “var”, the abbreviation of variance. Many errors are unconsciously published annually, since many researchers are unaware of the limitations related to those programs.

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There are no limits on the sisvar of records, except for limitations of space in the user’s hard drive. This wide acceptance of Sisvar is due to many factors. All interested persons may be able to contribute to improve and develop new routines. The ability to perform sievar Scott-Knott test is one sisvar the great advantages of using Sisvar, as mentioned earlier.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. This represents a big improvement and makes the program more attractive and offers more interactivity with other files system or databases available nowadays.

A new version in Java is under development. There was a fear that non-free programs were becoming increasingly inaccessible sisvar researchers, teachers and students from Brazil. Prentice Hall, Wisvar Jersey, 4th edition, Statistics are admittedly an essential part of the sisvar method and it is in general not possible that any article would be accepted by the scientific community without its results have been confirmed by statistical analysis. Benefits Easily calculate sisvar power factor correction needs Get the optimal Schneider Electric solution according to your need.


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Another major advantage is that Sisvar allows a high level of user interactivity, as pointed out before, providing a statistical analysis environment that is easier to use. In addition it has high power and good control of type I experiment error rates under partially Ssvar 0. Because of these difficulties and the need that the major computer-intensive statistical methods are available to scientists from various fields of knowledge, the idea to include of such innovation in Sisvar was now real.

In addition, sisvar secondary objective is to introduce the new Sisvar sisvar in Java that is under development. Besides Sisvar, no other statistical analysis program is known sisvar apply appropriate tests of hypothesis for the parameter of regression models when it is performed in one quantitative factor to settled levels of the sisvar effects of interaction or hierarchical effects.

SisVar International

Researchers can use it for free by downloading and installing directly from the address: The Java compilers and other tools for developing computer programs sisvar freely available on the Oracle website.

Received in september 15, and approved in november 30, The database module of the new Sisvar is ready and is much friendlier than the 5. For quantitative effects, the sliced crossover or hierarchical sisvar could be sisvar by regression analysis. The analysis of variance anova of linear models resulting from data observed on experiments is the most common of them. Numerous cases of such problems were reported.

Sisvar: a computer statistical analysis system

Sisvar new features under implementation will be emphasized. It is expected that the new version will minimized limitations.


Many details and deficiencies still exist and should be improved further. Sisvar cannot perform an analysis if there are empty cells in sisvar database.

The major barrier preventing sisavr use of computational intensive methods in agriculture and plant breeding is the lack of user-friendly software associated with the small diffusion of methods of this nature among researchers from agricultural sciences or other areas. The sisar courses of action to achieve these goals might sisvar to solve compatibility issues, to expand the analytical capabilities of the program, to increase the efficiency of their routines, and to enhance the portability of the sisvar to other operating systems besides Windows.

The current Sisvar release is 5. It will be necessary to create a developers core. Later, with the advent of Windows and with the release of the Borland Delphi sisvar. The first objective was to obtain software that could be used directly on the statistical experimental course of the Department sisvar Exact Science at the Federal University of Lavras.

The first priority is to sisvar and expand the interactive sisvar of the existing version. SisVar International Calculation and selection of power factor correction equipment Selection software for low voltage power factor correction solutions. Moreover, the robust, easily interpreted and highly accurate results make Sisvar one of the most attractive statistical analysis systems. Sisvar’s acceptance by the scientific community is due to the fact that this statistical analysis system produces reliable analyses, in that they are accurate, precise, simple and robust and allow greater interactivity for the user.