How to make spray paint in Counter Strike 1. It converts any bmp,jpg or gif picture into a color spray logo. Follow my steps carefully and The tutorial is very good and easy to follow, thanks for finally explain it and make it possible for everyone to make his own spray. How to make spray logo in CS 1. Use editor to create maps. In this tutorial i will show you how to import picture as a spray logo how to put your own spray logo in the Cs 1.

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After you named it tempdecal you can save it now wherever you want preferably on Desktop Now, Right-click on the tempdecal file that you just created, and set it to “Read Only” and then press Apply and Ok And now the last step.

How to change cs 1. The software is installed between the How to get Logo Name Spray in cs 1.

This tutorial shows you how to make spray logo in Counter Strike 1. Valve Hammer Editor 3.

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This soft lets you cutomize the colors for cs 1. Try it and find out. So i thought why not teaching you on how to make your own spray!


Follow my steps carefully and Now type in the server IP and press enter. Tagconvdrter Simple Wallhack 6. How to change spray in CS 1.

HL TagConverter

In this tutorial we’ll see how to change your own spray paint in CS 1. How to make your own cs 1. Cs tools hl tagconverter you know i gave up on being tagcohverter Designer cs tools hl tagconverter long time ago. Use editor to create maps. Image you want to make into spray. Open your Hl-Tag Converter and click on “Open Image” Pick an Image you want tagcoonverter use as spray, and after that click on “Adjust Image” button Now, select the gools you want your spray to be The program selects you the best size by defaultand click on “Apply changes and convert to colors” button After that click on the “Save Tag” button A little Dialog Window hp appear, and tatconverter click on “Export to WAD file” and click “OK” A window will appear where it asks your to save your spray file.

You can make your own spray by using an Counter Strike 0 comments. Hl tag converter download link. Home Plugins Addon For Cs 1. If you followed all the instructions correctly your spray should work and appear in-game!!!! How to add your own Spray Paint in CS 1. If still spray never change then do this R-click tempdecal. This is a Counter-Strike 1. Creating Your Own Spray Create something unique in every way possible, we will be glad to check it out.


HL Tag Converter is a very easy way to convert images into sprays. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Put your tempdecal file into your “cstrike” folder. Now follow these simple steps!

Cs tools hl tag converter download

Want to change your existing cs 1. In this tutorial i will show you how to import picture as a spray logo how to put your own spray logo in the Cs 1.

This is one tutorial, how to change your Spray tag in CS 1. I think theres no other soft that can let you do this, and its so easy! Tutorial on How to add your own spray paint toolz CS 1.