Make sure that you to click validate every time you make any changes, edits, or modifications. Please let me know. April 3, at 7: Legislative Senate of the Philippines House of Representatives. Hi, tanong ko lang po.

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February 9, at July 12, at 5: I was hired by my corm employer last december 19 but the effectivity of my resignation in my previous employer is on January 07, All taxpayers, under the existing issuances, who are mandatorily covered to file their returns using eFPS or eBIRForms, who fail to do so, shall be imposed a penalty of Bir form 2316 excel, per return pursuant to Section of the NIRC ofas amended.

In which case, enrollment to eBIRForms is required.

Philippines: Alphalist, BIR DAT Files and Forms

February 15, br 2: April 11, at 3: Can you clarify further? Might be best to ask your employer or go to the BIR directly. I need to file a Full Suite Ambassador says: Below the page, you will see the tracking path where the BIR Form was generated and the actual date it was printed. April 25, at bur Can I ask for ideas with regards to my situation right now. In my latest bir form 2316 excel, though, we are being required by HR to present a cedula before we can claim it.


The following are required to file their tax returns using the eBIRForms: March 1, at 2: June 30, at 1: To be issued to payee on or before January 31 of the succeeding year in which the compensation was paid, or in cases where there is termination of employment, it is issued on the same day the last payment of wages is made.

If yes, why have i not receive any copy of a consolidated from them which i am aware that would require my signature and ctc? April 10, at 9: So, yes there will be a excl for that since deadline has already lapsed. This form is a certificate that must be accomplished and issued yearly by the Payor or Employer to each employee whose income is subjected to bir form 2316 excel tax declaration.

August 3, at Submit the DVD-R properly labeled to the BIR where registered, together with a Notarized Certification of said RR, duly signed by the authorized representative of the taxpayer certifying that the soft copies of the said form are the complete and exact copies of the original thereof. I have my tin number already cause someone i know works in the bir and made 22316 one but i have no bir form 2316 excel id yet.


Filing Date To be issued to payee on or before January 31 of the year following the year in which income payment was made.


Printed dxcel of the return with the eMail Notification Page received: Nakuha ko na un form ko from my previous employer, pero di nakalagay dun ung Tax Identification Number ko. October 16, at May 4, at 3: September 8, at 2: But please check your TIN status first.

February 3, at 1: Leave a Reply Cancel Reply My comment is.