Rexxar then leads an assault against Proudmoores’ base and eventually destroys their citadel. Stand on it to open the harbor gates just in front. Rexxar travels to Dustwallow Marsh and meets with Kor’gall. Your objective is to destroy his castle. Explore the western section of this island, past the barricades.

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Rexxar is confused, but follows her back to Theramore. They also keep coming out of the caves. After returning to the Opd base, Rexxar meets a wounded Ogre of the Stonemaul clan.

Act 2 – Old Hatreds – Gamer Walkthroughs

His task is to place unstable concoctions on critical structures to distract the humans and give you a chance to reach Theramore. To Tame a Land. Enlist the Tauren Objective: Warrcraft you will be revealed in doing so, destroy the explosive barrels around the arcane tower just inside, warcraft 3 old hatreds well as the barricade immediately south of it.

Continue up to the north to the Wendigo camp. Views View View source History. The Frozen Throne Walkthrough. However your main aim is warcrwft cross the bridge to the south, and head east.

Old Hatreds | WoWWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Rexxar then requested that the clan aid the hatrrds, but Kor’gall refused, as the ogres left the orcs long ago. After backtracking a bit, destroy another arcane tower, and place the final charge at the workshop. Cross the road and destroy the barricade. With fresh troops, clear the production area north of the main entrance, and then optionally proceed to clear all the towers at the main entrance.


Trial of Strength Objective: The first thing you should do is natreds the barrels in your immediate vicinity, to obtain gloves of haste and a ring of regeneration. The dungeons provide optional small maps to explore with some tough opponents in each one. Once you land at the new Darkspear encampment on the mainland, you are greeted by Vol’jin. The blockade of Storm Wyrms on the way is pretty good at warcraft 3 old hatreds your party warcratf. After defeating the beasts there, Rexxar returned and was made a member.

Act 2 – Old Hatreds

He usurps control of Theramore and orders his men to arrest Rexxar and his allies. Now you can sail through, and the human transport serves to disguise you.

Jaina tells him that the Horde warcrwft not their enemy anymore, but Daelin, having fought in a a war against the Orcs, refuses to listen.

Sail past the well guarded landing zone optional and head south once you reach the second gate. Rexxar then challenged Kor’gall for his leadership. Further east is a centaur encampment with a Centaur Conqueror Level 12 and nothing of use.


Continue all the way to the south and destroy all the Centaurs along the way. Their Chieftain, Cairne Bloodhoofan old friend of Thrall, is too depressed to offer any help.

Old Hatreds (WC3 Orc)

At the centre of the map is olld human outpost you might want to tear apart while you gather your forces to strike Proudmoore’s castle.

The east contains lots more spider crabs, an Ancient Hydra Level 10Makrura, Stormreaver necrolytes, and skeletal orcs as you approach the revenants’ domain. One of them is Bloodbeak. He only remembers the atrocities they committed and desires to exterminate them all. This site is a part of Curse, Inc.

Before he reach its gates, warcraft 3 old hatreds found a warcrat of wildkin under the leadership of Bloodbeak and destroyed it.