I would like the clean vocals if they were done in another type of music, perhaps doom metal, or power metal. Figure Number Five NocturneFreeze , January 30th, There are plenty of catchy riffs and no, they aren’t “mallcore” riffs and chorus’ on this album. Gene Hoglan , but he has a touch and style I’ve never heard from anyone else, and it suits this style of music so well.

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The drumming is tight and as usual, very well done.

However, instead of this fact making the album worse, it just helps this album kick more ass! I have no idea whehter the vocalist is trying to sing with harsh vocals, or is just a horrible death metal singer. Melodic death metalnaturall metal.

Mercury Shadow sounds forced especially the rhyming while the latter is just a mallcorish anthem-like singalong.

The Gothenburg scene is going downhill. Vocally, Speed is much better here than he was on the previous album. This was produced by Devin Townsend and it is his best work by far. Sure, this album may be too commercial for some, but commercial never sounded so good, and for people who can appreciate some well-produced metal, get this cd now!

Fuck that, a cut, slash, and stab above the rest. He even plays hammondorgan on ‘Black Star Deciever’, with great results.


Natural Born Chaos by Soilwork on Spotify

Anyhoo, let us not dwell on the disappointments, but instead focus on this record. The album that marked a change in Soilwork’s sound is not as bad as some would have you think, it’s quite good actually. Crushing riffs, atmospheric keyboards, technical but crafted solos which never stoop to masturbation, overall instrumental skill, and Speed Strid’s attitude-laden scream contrasted with his excellent clean voice, which has started to soilwork natural born chaos some British new-wave singers.

Those five rule leaps and bounds, the others are just good. A video was also made for “As We Speak”. You will find that they are all short and sweet and to the point, but they still show off the fantastic playing abilites of Peter Wichers and Ola Frenning. Write your own review.

Natural Born Chaos – Wikipedia

Of course, the solos are chaod here and they are still fucking awesome. I don’t see soilwork natural born chaos Natural Born Chaos could be compared to nu metal; its nothing soilqork that. Give NBC a try, and then decide for yourself whether this was a step in the right, or wrong direction. It sounds like soilwork natural born chaos is trying to sing like Anders from In Flames, but the vocalist is even worse than Anders. Yes, this album is much different than Soilwork’s previous ones, but I think this one is still good.

For as catchy as they are you can only handle them so much after you have listened to the album many times. It’s ok to scream, Speed. The guitar riffs are soilworrk groove oriented rather than the fast gothenburg style riffs found on previous albums.


All ten songs stand out, and sojlwork instantly recogniseable, no matter what order you might play them in, or where you choose to start the songs; they all have their unique identity.

Contrary to some I would have to say Soilwork has not put out a shitty release. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is what kills many of the songs.

More by Soilwork

Will I end up selling it? Sadly, “Natural Born Chaos” was the highlight of Soilwork’s career, as things started to fall apart with the albums that followed. soilwirk

The Early Chapters Beyond the Infinite You can say that again. Views Read Edit View history. Yes, they did simplify their songwriting, and the clean vocal experimentation on A Predator’s Portrait has now become a focal point of every chorus on Natural Born Chaos.