Featuring the BC Weekly best new albums and artists from Sea Of Tranquility staff writer Scott Jessup put some questions about this new band and future plans to Sinbreed’s founder, guitarist and keyboard player Flo Laurin. Riffs supposed to make even bigger killer combination with crunchy lead guitar work, but I guess they wanted to make it sound smooth. Sinbreed is the project of 27 year old German guitarist Flo Laurin. In some extent you might be right, but the musicianship here is in such a high level that this cannot be neglected. Through The Dark

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Retrieved 27 December I personally would pick “Book Of Life”, because in my opinion it all combines the Sinbreed style: The blistering combination of speed, melodic and aggressive arrangements combined with high and soaring vocals characterizes Sinbreed’s distinctive Power metal, and they now present their debut album “When worlds collide”.

The disc is never short on blistering and exuberant solos, which is one of the main factors why ‘When Worlds Collide’ is a solid melodic power metal sinbreed when worlds collide.

It seemed this is one of those keyboard-free power metal bands, but things are different with When Worlds Collide. Everybody in this outfit pulls their weight in the technique department, but the songwriting is king here, and his rule is quite regal indeed. Wen best of the ferocious speedy tracks, however, is “Dust to Dust”. Sinbrewd the song-writing being fairly standard and the majority of the speedy tracks all following the same structure drumming and guitar leadsthey do give off a powerful and emotional vibe and are quite enjoyable in the moment.

This is what I always wanted to do, too, and now I’m great that we with Sinbreed are part of this scene. The song might slow the pace somewhat — at least in comparison to the two preceding it — but still brings an intricate feel and complementary poignantly driven chorus the groups big backing sinbreed when worlds collide again make their presence felt.


Since we are friends and he his is able to manage both bands, it’s so cool to have him in Sinbreed. So I’d say I’m more influenced by K. I suppose the first question that comes to mind is how did you get such an impressive line-up to appear on Sinbreed’s debut?

Herbie Langhans brings the perfect complementary touch with his at times gravelly and at others smooth sounding vocal presence.

The chorus is very memorable and there is enough aggression from Herbie’s raspy vocals to keep your head banging. Having been an avid consumer of this style since my late teens, I’ve generally regarded the era to have been the style’s zenith, at least since the break up of Kiske era Helloween.

Imaginations Through the Looking Glass. The Last Stand by Sabaton.

Sinbreed – Wikipedia

Constantly the same drum beats, barely memorable, not well-inspired riffs, short, solid and technical guitar solo, lyrics are crap, sinbreed when worlds collide vocals make the song sound better than it really is. Whilst Sinbreed’s metal style has been done by other bands thousands of times before, you can hear, however, a moderately high level of professionalism and creativity by all involved.

Most people think i would go for “Salvation”, but this song basically was the first one I wrote for the record almost 10 years back in time. Now, many of you are already thinking that this might be another predictable Power Metal release that would add absolutely nothing new to the scene.


Sinbreed – When Worlds Collide – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

A galloping guitar driven instrumental section precedes a quieter passage featuring some spoken word moments. Now fans of melodic power metal band Seventh Avenue and also Symphony X and Vanden Plas should take note and have a closer look at Sinbreed.

There has scarcely been a day over the past years where I haven’t caught myself on the verge of regurgitating that tired yet timeless idiom “they don’t make them like they used to” when encountering newer power metal bands. Did the final album meet your expectations? After few months I gave it a try again, and I realized I was dead wrong. Their weaker efforts are Room and Arise. When it breaks for the lead, the notes soar gracefully atop the chords, and weave through an impressive display around 3: Sinbreed sinbreed when worlds collide When Worlds Collide Sinbreed.

Sinbreed – When Worlds Collide

By the end of NovemberSinbreed announced that Siepen would leave the band due to conflicting schedules with Blind Guardian. Streaming sinbreed when worlds collide Download help. What we woglds in Sinbreed is European power metal delivering equal parts speed, melody and aggression. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R.

Now, if you’re asking sorlds Herbie Langhans is, firstly check out Seventh Avenue to get an idea, but secondly Langhans has that same raspy type of voice that is very similar to Running Wild’s Rockin’ Rolf.