Chamber Of The Immortals Blood of Angels Monolith Graphics 21 tracks. The overall theme is laden with elements popularized in sword and sorcery stories and games, such as wizards , warriors , dragons , elves , witches , dwarves and trolls. The emotion and unrelenting plot is unmatched in our society today. Highland Storm is a favorite among many, including myself. It’s great fun and it’s great fantasy.

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Nox Arcana, does as a duo what some film composers do with an nkx orchestra. It is alive and thrives in Blood of the Dragon. Blood of the Dragon Kitley’s Krypt With this release, Nox Arcana takes us on a journey to the time and land of dragons and the mighty warriors who sought to destroy them.

Blood of the Dragon

This album is great. I perfectly imagine this music as soundtrack of movies like Conan and the great Lord of the Rings -trilogy.

They paint you enough picture to get the feel for the music, but then allow you to leave the rest to your imagination. Highland Storm is a favorite among many, including myself. This new album is the best by far.

Blood of the Dragon

For it was said that those who answered the call were possessed of the warrior spirit, and the blood of the dragon flowed through their veins. But this, this is EPIC. Blood of the Dragon conveys a musical story along the lines of classic movie soundtracks like Conan, The 13th Warrior, and The Lord of the Rings.


Blood of the Dragon 5 Yes! And I tell you I have not heard such beautiful sound of fables and fantasies through such great celtic music.

Blood of the Dragon Lyrics

Retrieved from ” https: Blood of the Dragon 5 Powerful! These haunting and majestic themes evoke forgotten realms, from the stormy Celtic highlands aecana ancient Egyptian temples, from mystical towering citadels to the Stygian depths of the Underworld.

Dark ambientDravon dark waveNew-ageGothicCeltic rock. Blood of the Dragon Defenders Of The Realm Some I have read to be later pleased that nox arcana blood of the dragon were indeed jox to a surprise vocal piece such as “Treasure of the Four Crowns” performed beautifully by Jeff Endemann, whose voice transported me to the great hard rock ballad singers of the ’80s!

However, after listening to the first few tracks I realized all of their cds ARE films! While this CD doesn’t have the usual ‘horror’ theme, which is what ghe normally prefer, Blood of the Dragon has enough darkness flowing through it to appease any horror fan.

Join wizards and warriors on an epic Quest into dark kingdoms ruled by sword and sorcery. The overall theme is laden with elements popularized in sword and sorcery stories and games, such as wizardswarriorsdragonselveswitchesdwarves and trolls. He has the best of my favorite of music. The booklet features artwork and puzzle arcan by Joseph Vargo.


Blood of the Dragon (album) – Wikipedia

This is a creation worthy of the ancient Gods of old. It is a wonderous album, while not as good as its predecessor, its strong and beats with all the Dragon’s Fire. This even trumps the Midnight Syndicate official soundtrack.

Shadow of the Raven afcana The one thing that amazes me about Vargo and company is that they write like classic authors. The overall and nox arcana blood of the dragon impression is of a rock opera or symphonic poem. Blood of Angels Feasting your eyes on the lush artwork of Joseph Vargo that give you glimpses into each distinct fantasy world.

It really helps me visualize while writing.