So me, vocals are there to remind you of the lyrics, which in this album, I find emotional and inspirational. The previous album, Above the Weeping World, was a good blend of dreary acoustics and good solid melodic death metal; however, the death metal was never more than solid with one or two exceptions but I LOVED the acoustic sections. The Lay Of Autumn Nothing spectacular on guitar, mildy boring interludes, chorus saves it. Events Now online Today. What I can say for sure is that it sounds different and it’s definitely good for a band to succeed in different paths.

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Insomnium – Across the Dark

The cleans only show up in three songs and are very Amorphis-like in placement and style. In Across the Dark, the keyboards serve the purpose of adding to the atmosphere present in the album. Some songs ineomnium fabulous, others mediocre, and the cleans don’t get me started on.

Insomnium across the dark you don’t dispute clean vocals just for the sake of it, and if you enjoyed the album “before” they kick in on the third song, then I’m pretty lnsomnium you’ll like them. The previous album, Above the Weeping World, was a good blend of dreary acoustics and good solid melodic death metal; however, the death metal was never more than solid with one or two lnsomnium but I LOVED the acoustic sections.

By ethos I mean some influence or quality to the melodic death brand that Insomnium perpetuated, like an emphasis on an expansive, doomy atmosphere alongside poignant harmonies to Opeth-like acoustics and the resulting gloom. India Much more darker and melancholic than their previous works. The keyboards play an important part in the epic sound, though they aren’t too prominent, usually filling a swelling background atmosphere rather than becoming a musical focus, allowing the genius of the guitar melodies to provide the real centre of the experience.


There aren’t really any weak songs either, everything playing dsrk part and keeping the flow of the album going until the closer winds things down a notch. Irritating high-pitched screeches, dsrk riffs and just an overall boring feel was something that plagued these bands, but fortunately Insomnium suffers from none of these.

However this time, the riff becomes much more prominent, and there are keyboards in the background. I’ve read about the bad use of clean vocals, I’ve read about how the music is influenced by a thousand other bands, I’ve scross about its technical semplicity Down With Insomnium across the dark Sun.

Didn’t check this stuff yet, inssomnium I’m definitely going to in the near future.

Insomnium – Across the Dark – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Considering that Insomnium’s bass player is also their main vocalist, you’d think that his bass work would be simple, turned down stuff. It’s insomnium across the dark very difficult to write about Insomnium without using names like Amorphis, Noumena, and Omnium Gatherum to place their sound in the melodic death metal pantheon. Across The Dark” deserves some justice. South Africa Cool review and your words are pretty spot on, yet I have a suspicion that the “sameness” of the album and the limited clean vocals insomnium across the dark bother me more than you lol Cant fault them for doing what they’re inssomnium to, yet to me its not much more than ibsomnium.

Across the Dark Studio album by Insomnium. The musicianship present on Across the Dark is fantastic. That’s something really special. I also find the keyboards to be intrusive at times, though mostly they are atmospheric on this album.


It does feel darker, but at the same time perhaps a bit dull compared to their previous effort. There’s nothing too technical: Each album up to this point had some quality to it, giving them their own identity and ethos for that particular release.

Insomnium – Across the Dark Review

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Every bit of darkness in this album is pure, legitimate emotion, not anything manufactured for daek sake of angst-ridden kids. Login Register or use.

Allow me to illustrate my point on the example of the song Where the Last Wave Broke – everything about the clean vocals there is great, except the vocalist. Megadeth Rust In Peace.

StargazerIV one of the most brilliantly done melodic dm albums ever, this album bleeds conviction. Instead of being repetitive they are trying to ineomnium some things to their sound and i really like the way they have put everything together.

One for Sorrow The band still chose to keep things heavier vocally and rhythmically. Without the clean vocals and the intrusive moments from the keyboards, I’d probably give this an 8.