There aren’t actually any Mayan church Web sites. In Hollywood, Puck brings Jake along on a meeting at the Paramount Pictures studio lot, where they show off their musical skills singing Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah. Burt advises Kurt to hold the people he loves close to him, no matter what, and later they exchange gifts. Failing to find a gift to satisfy Becky, Sue frets about getting a present for Millie but doesn’t really care if she succeeds. Left with only each other, Sam sings to Jingle Bell Rock then surprises Brittany by pulling out a ring and proposing to her.

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After an angry, humiliated Artie slips on the ice, cuts his face and has to wait for some freshmen girl to help him up, Finn helps him to the nurse’s office, where he stews about being helpless and pitied and wishes he never had to be in the wheelchair. Coach Beiste tells them she is already ordained in the Mayan church and officiates their immediate wedding. Sam Evans with the Cheerios.

Brittany gives everyone lavish holiday gifts after watching a documentary s0e410 the Mayan prediction of the imminent end of the world, having cashed in her savings so that everyone can enjoy themselves at the end. However, this means s041e0 he never joined glee club, so some resultant changes -like Tina Cohen-Chang getting over her stutter, and Becky Jackson learning self-respect – have never happened, either.

We’re ready for the olympics There aren’t actually any Mayan church Web sites. Finn Glee s04e10 and Puck are both bullies, terrorizing Kurt Hummelwho’s been glee s04e10 school and has yet to graduate and has never met Blaine Anderson ; Will never started the glee club and lives in an alcoholic haze, still married to Terriwhile Emma actually married Coach Tanaka and they would be at their honeymoon in Hawaii together; Rachel is still in Lima working as a librarian, never pursuing dreams of glee s04e10.


Glee S04E10 SG10

After Artie realizes that Tina still has her old stutter, a guardian angel appears to him in the form of foreign exchange student Rorywho grants Glee s04e10 wish s04ee10 his accident had never happened. And talk slowly so I 0s4e10 understand you. Contents [ show ]. With three days left, they plan to make their time count but, having barricaded themselves in their room in preparation, are soon surprised to discover that the world hasn’t ended – and they remain married.

Instead, Jake invites Puck and his mother to join him and his mother for dinner at the holidays glee s04e10 there’s no reason for any bad blood to exist between them.

Jake Puckerman and Noah Puckerman. Burt instructs Kurt to pick his up at a particular address, and Kurt is stunned to discover Blaine awaiting him at a skating rink – Burt had him flown glse so they wouldn’t miss their traditional holiday duet. That’s like chicken pox, but smaller.

Glee S04E10 SG10 | You’re Dripping Egg

Retrieved from ” http: The Mayans were wiped out years ago by the conquistadors and smallpox. Despite Rachel’s pleas to join her in Lima, Kurt plans a solo holiday in New York to save money for school, but he’s surprised by the arrival of his Christmas s40e10 father Burt. The last thing we need is another teen tragedy of marrying too young, popping out a couple kids before you’re 20 and ending up with your faces blurred out on an episode of Cops.

The Rose women wake up on Christmas morning to discover that their own tree has been stocked with a plethora of presents as well as cash – Sue and Becky peer in the glee s04e10 and admire their handiwork. As he tries to rest, he slips glee s04e10 a fantasy in which his legs are completely mobile.

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Puck glee s04e10 his charade was an attempt to get Jake to move out to L. Sam is a believer as well, having studied it extensively. He realized the tree’s importance and would never forget again to focus on their holiday traditions.


Burt recalls how he forgot to get a tree the year that Kurt’s mother died until he glee s04e10 the disappointed look when Kurt had nowhere to hang his favorite ornament, made from his mother’s perfume bottle.

Puck and Jake watch their moms swapping war stories about their father, and Puck decides to return to Lima to see his newly extended family.

Artie tries to set things right, assembling his friends to convince them they should be in glee club together, offering a performance of Jose Feliciano’s Feliz Navidad as an example – but Finn deems it “so gay.

Rory gllee to Artie that, without his accident, he’d focused on football s04r10 never became the glue glee s04e10 held the glee club together. At Breadstix, the tension glee s04e10 thick, but Puck and Jake e04e10 their mothers that their father is the one at fault for such a messed-up family – but they are a family nonetheless. It premiered on December 13, Meanwhile, as the end of draws near, Sam and Brittany live their lives to the fullest before the Mayan Apocalypse occurs and Sue has a change of heart when she gets Mrs.

Sue reflects on the holiday season, imagining it as a setting for a series of plot lines sandwiched between commercials breaks, much like the movie ” Love, Actually ” – “which is a movie that I don’t think anyone cares for but is constantly on cable.

In a homage to the beloved holiday film ” Love, Actually ,” seemingly separate storylines come together w04e10 form one merry Glee episode.