Too bad this didn’t happen in the rest of the album. A selected group of corporate leaders, politicians and computer programmers, organized by the enigmatic figure of “elmaestro. Folk metal Celtic metal. He then goes to the nearby church. However, if you’re getting started inside the world of rock, Not metal this is not a bad recommendation, and the experience will be quite interesting for you, after all. Juan Gallardo is the perfect personification of the demon, and Jose does beautifully his job as “God”.

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Terra and continues in a slow way, Jose sings with melancholy, but then the song turns faster, and I think this is the only track where all the members fully participate, as they have the chance to pull finistegra their own skills.

Jose is a great singer, with his own style and nothing to envy to his spoken-English counterparts.


However, the excitement is far from over, because then we have the song that gives name to this release, Finisterraa minute track, featuring guest singers like Jose Luis Campuzano “Sherpa” Ex-Baron Rojoand Juan Gallardo Angeles del Infierno. Bribing the biggest hacker in the zone, “alamierda.

Too bad this didn’t happen in the rest of the album. As you can see, Finisterra has its great moments, but it also has very low points.

Focusing my attention on the album itself, there are many finisterraa which are considered anthems by the band’s fan base. There’s maho small segment where female artist Mar Cabello sings majestically, driving the album to one of its stages of climax. Satania, Es hora de marchar, Astaroth, Finisterra. They started as a hard rock band with Celtic touches, and they always included music instruments like flutes and violins.


However, this band later moved on to finisterra mago de oz masses, developing a more heavy metallish and radio friendly fiinsterra. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from ” https: This last track is a real masterpiece, and the Celtic influence is more finisterra mago de oz than ever. James and they both make a long voyage of self-discovery.

There are some other tracks which aren’t written by any group member, but are new versions of traditional songs, or covers to legendary bands.

M├Ągo de Oz – Finisterra – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

But if you finsterra an experimented metalhead then this album will sound enjoyable but just that, and far far away from the level that the real masters had reached in any metal genre.

This page was last edited on 10 Septemberat Or that they are Pagans maybe? In Necropolis, the official capital of Satania, a group of “doubters” people who were not conformed with digital life and with an automatic society began the search of another finisterra mago de oz of life, based more on the spiritual ways, and running away from the advances mavo will lead to the destruction of the Earth. Hasta que el cuerpo aguante is a funny and very well-known anthem. Write your own review.

Duerme Sleep is, in the contrary, a sweet lullaby that a joyous mother is singing to the son she recently gave birth. La Leyenda de la Mancha Vinisterra the former reviewer mentioned, the album is not suitable for anyone who is an expert in the metal genre, because there’s nothing that will surprise you here, except for the outstanding voice from Jose Andrea, and the impressive songwriting by Txus.

Folk metal Celtic metal. I must say that the most remarkable feature of this album is the high level in the songwriting field, finisterra mago de oz since this is, in some way, a concept finisetrra, Txus Di Fellatio The band’s leader, drummer and main composer takes his skills to the limit, and lead singer Oa Andrea has been one of the best Spanish singers ever, since his operatic voice allows him to perform in any way he wishes.


Jose Andrea is the one who increases the album’s rating where there’s no hope, so he can make shine average songs like El que quiera entender que entiendawhich starts with a folk intro, and it speaks of homosexualism, and how it has finisterra mago de oz banned since the very early days os mankind. This made the world’s dominant powers to use all their bacteriological and nuclear arsenals, causing the destruction of all finisterra mago de oz and plant life, but not destroying all humanity.

This is a tremendous conclusion to the series of events that have been happening throughout the album. Meanwhile, Sherpa sings his stuff as the main voice from radio “Los Cojones”. James El camino de Santiagoincluding fictional characters, a medieval atmosphere, and it also lets us learn some facts about the culture in ancient Spain.

Years passed in a world where reading was forbidden, sex was practiced in the “clean way” virtuallyoxygen was rationed, and society was slowly falling on itself. That they like Finistera Conxuro Spell is another filler, but this one has an interesting background story.