Try to collect the broom next to the elevator door, Pierre will give you a new task 3. Next look for the 4 diary pages circled in green 5 and the 3 animal-shaped vases circled in purple 6. Play the spell casting mini-game by match the runes below with the runes in the book. Secure Form Forgot your password? This will finish his quest, but you will need to do another quest for the guard on the left 2.

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Play as Brunhilda and, brknhilda the help of your friendly demon companion, explore enchanted scenes, collect objects, and play mini-games to save the world. You can use the sides or the bottom to pick them up. Love the characters you meet along the way and love how you have to use strategy and memory to brunhilsa this game!!!

You can use the hint by clicking the demon seal in the bottom right corner to find items. Thank you for writing a post! In the last quest for the book, you will need to find 6 bookmarks in both scenes. Next she will put thorn bushes around you with a spell.

He will give you the bell if you catch 5 brunhildda and 6 cicadas that have escaped their terrarium. The Showdown General Tips You can change players by clicking on your username in the middle brunhilda and the dark crystal the screen.


The potion moves a little slower than your mouse, so you will have to move early to get to the correct position. Find 6 differences between the two images on the crystal balls. After you find these items thhe will let you work for the ship.

Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal

Typical game, nothing new or innovative to it. Welcome to Hell Lock.

Return to the apartment from the door in the left. Rated 5 out of 5 by AdrianaIP from Delicious The developer’s logo is a cup of capucchion with chocolate.

The scenes will become hard to see sometimes, just wait until they clear up again to start searching. Shockwave is the ultimate destination to play games. Meeting drak Great Wizard Chapter 3: Go to the lobby. These are all highlighted in yellow 1. Secure Form Choose your username Your username will be displayed on your review. Cast a frost SPELL to freeze it by collecting the following ingredients — 6 icicles, 5 ice cubes, and 4 sieves 2.

Share on Facebook Share Tweet Gift this brunhilda and the dark crystal. You will ahd a spell to break the magic. Terms of services Contact us. Once inside the dungeon talk to the ghost on the left side of the room you are in 1. Speak with the brunhilea mystic. It is great for most players except possibly not for younger children.


Telekinesis lets you replay different levels that you have already finished. Gather the ingredients for the spell — 6 flowers and 3 bee hives circled in white in the screenshot 6.

He will then ask you to find 11 atlas volumes and 2 sextants 5.

Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal | GameHouse

Next you will need to find 5 different knots around the docks, circled in purple 5. First you will need to find his 5 golden sculptures 1 circled in green. Find 4 rune planks circled in yellow in the screenshot 3.

I have to stop the game to give my cryztal some instructions and he start hurrying me up with something like ” Hey, are you there? The troll will introduce you to the beaver, who needs his dentures to help you.