The most endearing isolated example of 12 Gauge ‘s ethereal atmosphere is the melancholic opening swells of “Rust Never Sleeps”. Retrieved May 3, And while melodic death metal is a fairly overcrowded genre at this point, Kalmah prove that there are still ways to stand out above the crowd. Retrieved 30 April It goes to show that, over time, the swamp really does rot into something far more sinister and wicked as time progresses, and this album is a prime example. Well definitely not Kalmah, these metal gods reign with metallic power that combine black metal, melodic death metal, speed metal, folk metal and thrash metal to a lovely frenzy that will leave any metalhead craving for more.

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Antti’s leads alone should make this album a keeper for most listeners, but I find that some of the heavier inclinations present in the rhythm guitar’s performance serve as a precursor to the more animated riffing passages on Seventh Swamphony.

They set out to keep their legacy alive with 12 Gauge and manage to start off with a bang and jump straight into the action. Kalmah albums albums Spinefarm Records albums.

The drums patterns are pretty kalmay and never get monotonous. The acoustic guitars were played by Antti. Other energetic outbreaks include “Bullets are Blind”, “Hook the Monster”, and “Godeye”, which would be my personal favorite of the faster 12 Gauge material.

This led me to believe that there was similar moments found in bands like Dark Tranquility which was echoed by the song “Better Not Tell” which brought the same melodic vibe.


You get to see the thrashier side of Kalmah. We just wanted to sound more aggressive Retrieved 13 March Quite a prominent element on this album that drew my attention are the slightly warlike chants that sound as if they’re coming from the Swamplord’s own personal army Swampwar, Hook The Monster. Hook the Monster catches that original kalma that you came to expect from Kalmah.

Conversely, epics like “Godeye” exhibit the temperament and attitude of a gelid double-barrel on a crash course towards your medulla oblongata. 12 gauge kalmah the songs on this album are a combination of pure force and wrath and peaceful moments that kalmmah there just to be raped by the riffs and Antti Kokko’s insane solos, 12 gauge kalmah not so insane as on the previous albums.

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Promotion for the album was otherwise minimal. Antti 12 gauge kalmah also completed his guitar solos by June and was pleased with the results.

A lot of people say that Kalmah is nothing but a copycat of Children of Bodom. Commenting further on the swamps, Pekka remarked, “[those] valuable areas are a part of our northern wilderness and [are] always threatened to be ditched or drained.

A music video was created for the song “12 Gauge”, though the acoustic 12 gauge kalmah was excised from the final version. This is the only black spot of this song. Kalmah is a melodic death metal band based out of Oulu Finland. Godeye is my least favorite track on the album. The Japanese import also includes a cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Cold Sweat”, and Kalmah really make it their own with epic, crushing chords and walls of symphony.


Kalmah – 12 Gauge Review

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These guys deserve respect because they fight for the survival of this sub-genre, one of the most awesome sub-genres, I dare say. His technique was to play nearly all his parts with downstrokes to bring “more balls to the sound”.

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DiamheaFebruary 12 gauge kalmah, We don’t do upstrikes. Retrieved 3 May Their music now is as unique as it was in their early years, if not more so”. There would not be a worldwide tour to promote the album because the band had not received a “decent offer”. Other times, the lead guitars end up locked into a melody with the keyboards augmenting it. You will surely recognize the similarity with Metallica’s Master of Puppets, and you are right.

The fauge blast in your face right out of the gate, vocally the album does very well with Pekkas 12 gauge kalmah, which are very brutal yet have a very melodic sound, a perfect melodic death metal scream. Were 12 Gauge 10 minutes longer, it probably would destroy the appeal for me. I’d actually have a very fun time tripping on them if I wasn’t so oalmah listening to Antti Kokko’s extraordinary skill being executed flawlessly.